My Top 15 Favorite Films of 2015

By Darin Skaggs 15. CHI-RAQ                 Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq is a movie made for social issues happening right now and is based on the Greek play called Lysistrata. In that way it makes the movie already seem timeless. It is a furious picture all about race relations and the unnecessary violence it has caused. It […]

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Review: VICTORIA (2015)

By Darin Skaggs   The big gimmick in Sabastian Schipper’s Victoria is that it is an over two hour film that is all done in one take. This is a huge accomplishment on a technical level and should always be seen as such, but that does not mean anything about the quality of the film. […]

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Review: TOKYO TRIBE (2015)

By Darin Skaggs   Director Sion Sono is known for his off the wall, homage filled, near parody filmmaking which includes the sexual desire driven four hour epic Love Exposure and last year’s love letter to filmmaking Why Don’t You Play in Hell? In the latter film, which is the only other Sono film I […]

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Review: CAROL (2015)

By Darin Skaggs   Todd Haynes’ Carol is one of the most hauntingly beautiful romantic stories to come out in a long while. It is a tale of two women who start a friendship, and eventually more, in the 1950’s. The film successfully juggles the romantic angle, the taboo of the nature of their situation […]

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Review: ENTERTAINMENT (2015)

By Darin Skaggs                 Most artist creations come from a certain degree of pain or inner turmoil whether it be movie makers, painters, musicians and so on. In Rick Alverson’s Entertainment the nameless protagonist, played by Gregg Turkington, goes around as a stand-up comic performing seemingly unnecessary crude jokes. You wonder why he is telling […]

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