If you were to tell me the star of License to Wed, Jim from The Office and the director of the terrible film The Hollars made an excellent horror movie his year, I would have laughed in your face and told you off. But here we are. John Krasinski in his second directorial effort has […]

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READY PLAYER ONE (2018) Review

Spielberg loves movies. That is one of the most obvious statements of all time, but his latest film, Ready Player One, proves even more what art means to him. It is a movie about virtual video games that everyone is obsessed with, yet Spielberg takes this media and says how much it was influenced by […]

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Game Night (2018) Review

John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein’s Game Night is a hilarious comedy about a couple, Max and Annie, played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams respectively, who get together with their friends for a weekly evening of snacks and charades. Max’s jealousy inducing brother Brooks, played by Kyle Chandler, comes by to host his […]

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Review: BABY DRIVER (2017)

  Edgar Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers. He is known for his respectful homages to many of the under looked genres like horror (Shaun of the Dead) or action (Hot Fuzz). The further you get  into his filmography, you find the stories get more straight forward and have less obvious call backs to […]

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LOGAN (2017) Review

By Darin Skaggs   The superhero genre is a mess and no other series are messier than the X-Men movies. You could make an argument for the current state of the DC movie universe, but at least those are consistent in their tone and quality. The X-Men series has hit every point of quality from […]

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