By Darin Skaggs Movie violence is something very difficult to do right. If it is treated merely for comedic effect it could come off morally wrong and if is used too serious the tone could be too hard to enjoy. David Leitch and Chad Stahelski’s John Wick uses its violence so well, balancing the cool […]

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By Darin Skaggs Okay, imagine you are on a vacation with your family. You spouse is taking pictures with their phone. You have two kids and they are finishing their meal and you are about to go out for a nice afternoon of skiing. All of a sudden an avalanche is coming for right where […]

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By Darin Skaggs Ira Sachs’ Love Is Strange is certainly about the love in the most basic sense, two people getting married. It also explores all the different kinds of love; the love of parents/children, the love for someone you respect and love of a friend. It also makes an argument in the most subtle […]

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By Darin Skaggs There are two different kinds of Seth Rogan movies; the ones that have a good amount of heart like 50/50 or Take This Waltz and ones with crude humor that tries to have a good amount of heart like Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Last year’s This Is The […]

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Review: SELMA

By Darin Skaggs The majority of Biopics are “roll your eyes” worthy. They give too much effort on hitting the best moments of a figures work and do not find an emotional hold on whom the figure was and why they tried changed the world the way they did. The closest good one to come […]

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By Darin Skaggs Love is certainly an odd thing. At first it could be some of the best moments of your life, at other times you could be very frustrated with those you care about and because we are all human we can be mad at them for not being exactly who we want them […]

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By Darin Skaggs Dan Harmon is a strange figure. He is known for his temper. He is known for his excessive drinking. He is known for his piss poor attitude. He is mostly known as the creator of the hit sitcom Community. After season three he was fired from the show and somehow, someway hired […]

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