That Went Well 2016 – A Musical Indication of My Year


By Darin Skaggs

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 was a strange year. It will go down as the year we lost so many classic celebrities and the year we elected Donald Trump as President. Personally, I had a year full of ups and downs. This post and playlist (found on the bottom of the post) is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. It is a collection of songs that best represents what my year was like. It is sort of a yearly update that you would find in a Christmas card, except all the downer stuff added in as well. This may be a one time thing, it really is just me possibly working through some things in music form. I tried to tell a story here, it can be whatever you want it to be. Some of these songs were the artist working through their difficulties and the music is for us, so we can get through it too and relate to it. Maybe this will be something that will get you though a tough time or remember some cherished memories you experienced throughout the year, or maybe it will be just a great selection of songs you can enjoy. Anyways, this is mostly for me, but I hope you find something worth while here. I won’t be explaining anything and it doesn’t fully match to what I was going though because, well, I didn’t write the songs, but lyrically and melody wise, this syncs up pretty well. Also while some of these are my favorites of the year, this is missing a few that don’t have to do with me at all. That list will be revealed about mid-January on my podcast The RoseBuds. So without further ado; My year as told through music. Enjoy.

1. Drone Bomb Me- ANOHNI

2. Intern- Angel Olsen

3. Vincent- Car Seat Headrest

4. Cat- Relient K

5. If I Had A Dog- Frankie Cosmos

6. Captive of the Sun- Parquet Courts

7. Anxiety- Preoccupations

8. FML- Kanye West

9. On the Lips- Frankie Cosmos

10. Never Be Mine- Angel Olsen

11. Kiss Me When I Bleed- White Lung

12. Unforgiving Girl (She’s Not An)- Car Seat Headrest

13. Moonlight- Ariana Grande

14. Blessings- Chance the Rapper

15. Where the Light Shines Through- Switchfoot

16. 715 (Creeks)- Bon Iver

17. Seigfried- Frank Ocean

18. Adore- Savages

19. You Want It Darker- Leonard Cohen

20. Ultralight Beam- Kanye West

And of course, here is the playlist. Please respect it and listen to it in order, or do whatever I don’t care. I just appreciate the click.


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