Brief Encounters 2015

By Darin Skaggs

san an


                San Andreas makes for an excellent disaster flick. It also lends itself to poorly drawn out exposition of characters saying what they are doing, going to do and what they are thinking. Dwayne Johnson proves yet again that he can be good in everything he is involved in. And hold up, why do our characters keep stealing things?



                The second Spongebob movie, 11 years after the first, doesn’t have much to say. There is no big lesson or metaphor to be subtly hinted at or shoved down our throats. It’s just one of the weirdest and dorkiest movies ever made. It has constant laughs along with surreal, head scratching moments. This includes the revolution that dolphins are an alien race that keeps order in the solar system. There is also a character climbing into the sweet and terrifying brain of Spongebob Squarepants.



                Paul Feig’s Spy got plenty of laughs from me, mostly from McCarthy and Statham. It also manages to have some cricket chirping jokes mostly from Peter Serafinowicz. I find it jarring every time a non-dark comedy kills off a ton of characters and doesn’t blink an eye about it and that happens several times here. It is a hit and sometimes miss comedy with not much else to offer.


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