Brief Encounters 1978 Part IV

By Darin Skaggs



                Brian De Palma’s The Fury is one of the most interesting movies I have ever seen. It is about a couple of teenagers that have telepathic like powers. It might be about how young people feel controlled by older people around them and how they might be better off on their own. This film also has the strangest images like Kirk Douglas in his boxers running around above ground subway tracks or a main character just plain exploding. It is extremely crazy without holding back.

last waltz


                The Last Waltz is a concert film that is also the final performance of The Band. It is directed by Martin Scorsese and includes talking heads. They are wonderful little insights into the band’s history and also their personality. The songs are wonderful a few hits I recognize, a few I did not but they are all wonderful to listen to. It is filled with special musical guests and they are also all fantastic.

a wedding 2


                Robert Altman was always good at movies with many characters and balancing their many different conflicts and plot points together. Nashville is the main example for those types of movies. A few years later he sort of made the same movie only smaller and that film is called A Wedding. It takes place of course all through a wedding. So the two separate families try to solve their personal problems as well as problems between the families. It seems to be one of Altman’s most underrated, but I loved it. It has an over dramatic ending, but that is when you are at your most dramatic, with family.


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