FILM FRANCHISE FRIDAYS: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

By Darin Skaggs

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the first film without the iconic Sean Connery as the dashing spy James Bond. This time around George Lazenby takes the lead and actually does pretty great. I did not enjoy the last two movies and thankfully this was a breath of fresh air. There are jokes about the change of actors, tons of great fight scenes and a new place they take Bond with a surprisingly dark ending. So here is a look at the solo Lazenby film, Peter R. Hunt’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

How Cool is Bond?

  • Well let’s get one thing straight. Lazenby is a fantastic Bond and I wish he had more. He has charisma and charm. I guess this one is polarizing, but Lazenby and other aspects to this film make it the greatest so far.
  • The fights in this film are amazing. They give off a sense of excitement. And there are so many. The final fight is between Bond and the villain Blofeld that takes place on a bobsled course with bobsleds included. At first it looked very ridiculous, but turned out to be the most exciting part of the film.
  • Bond is less of a womanizer in this one. His first scene is he saves a woman from walking into the ocean, fights off a few bad guys and then the woman runs away. Bond then replies “That never happen to the other guy.” Bam! Opening credits.

How Uncool is Bond?

  • Who we kidding? Bond is awesome in this.

Bond Girl

  • Tracy di Vicenzo:   It is a cleaver name. Fun to say, fun to look at. Doesn’t seem to be a bad pun for how Bond feels about her. My rating for Tracy di Vicenzo: B
  • The girl though might be the most important in the series so far. This one actually falls for Bond and gets Bond to fall back. I mean they actually get married at the end of this. The film ends in a way that lets Bond continue without her, which is a pretty emotional moment. She also seems to be part of the story instead of a figure to look at.

The Villain

  • Blofeld is back. In this one he is brainwashing women to create an evil army. He calls them the “Angels of Death.”   They do try to seduce and kill Bond.
  • Blofeld actually does something too. He gets in a bobsled, throws some grenades, punches. It is great. He is a cool villain and I really like him in this one.


                This is the best in the series and I might just love this movie. It tries to have a beginning, middle and end. It tries to let the characters grow and makes fun that it is a whole different casting for Bond. A good one off for now, because I guess Connery is back next time. I don’t know why and I hope he cares unlike the last two.


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