FILM FRANCHISE FRIDAYS: Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

By Darin Skaggs

Part 4 of the Friday the 13th series is still my favorite of all of the films, but Jason Lives gives that one a run for its money. This one is an apology for the lack of Jason in the previous film; hence the title. It decides it is a good idea to make vague movie references like Star Wars quotes, a homage to the James Bond opening and references itself as a character claims anyone with a mask in the dark is going to be trouble. This one is pretty funny and even finds out new ways to kill people that are not totally boring. The director Tom McLoughin made a great addition to the series with Jason Lives so here is a look at the film.

The Horror Movie Cliché

  • Tommy is back again and the movie begins with him and his friend digging up Jason. Jason then comes to life due to lightning hitting him. This is kind of awesome, but a cliché that the dead villain in the slasher movie comes back to life.
  • Jason kills a bunch of people. That is cliché. In this one he is even more invincible; he survives an RV crash, many bullets and a drowning. It is great how invincible he is.
  • Jason jumps out of the water again. He kind of waits long enough to hint to the audience that he is going to recreate that famous scene from the first movie.

The Not So Cliché

  • This film is totally meta about itself and horror movies. It has characters scared of Jason because of the horror slasher flicks they have previously seen. It is pretty funny.
  • For the first two movies the characters are setting up for a kids camp. The kids never make it, everyone is murdered before they get there. In this one the camp counselor characters are back. And much to my surprise the kids show up. It is jarring and a nice touch to critique and poke fun at the previous films which this movie does so well.
  • There is a sort of love story in this one with Tommy and Megan they kiss when attracted to one another and then cry when the other one is in danger. There is playful banter between them. The first blooming romance in these films. It is cheesy, but new.

Rank The Deaths

14. Steven and Annette get machetted. I do not remember who they are.

13. Darren has a gun protecting his lady, but Jason has a spear.

12. Roy gets the The Wizard of Oz scarecrow treatment. Part of him is over here, over there. Oh that is him all over.

11. Officer Thorton is knifed in the head and falls in a boat.

10. Sissy is a counselor. She thinks her friends are pranking her. She gets her head ripped off.

9. Classic head crush for Officer Pappas. Jason is tired at this point and just getting deaths over with.

8. Martin runs the cemetery. He messes up and starts to drink heavily. Jason takes his bottle, breaks it and then stabs him right in the neck.

7. Lizbeth offers Jason money not to kill her, so Jason stabs her with a spear. I guess they are not related but still that is what happens.

Sherriff Garris is snapped in half. Not the half you’re thinking.

6. Cort gets a knife to the head. Not so cool, but he is driving an RV at the time so it crashes. Nice.

5. Paula gets splattered all around an unused room. It is kind of gross and it is ridiculous due to how much blood is around the room.

4. There is this paintball team. All they are trying to do is have some fun. Though Burt seems to be taking things too seriously and gets his face slammed into a tree. By Jason of course.

3. Hawes is a good friend of Tommy or something and like a good friend he helps dig up Jason’s grave once and for all. Jason comes to life again and rips this guy’s heart out with a punch. Yes!

2. Nikki is with Cort and after Jason sneaks her into the restroom he slams her face into the wall which makes a face shaped dent. It is very funny.

1. Poor old Roy, previously mentioned, sees Jason complete the talented task of decapitating the three lovable paintballers Larry, Stan and Katie with one swing.


                This movie is so self-aware you cannot help but love it. It is what the whole franchise is all about; crazy deaths, dumb but effective humor and the ability to know exactly what it is. Do not know where they go next. They go to Manhattan in the one after, but what could the next one be. I am curious and excited.


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