Film Franchise Fridays: YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE

By Darin Skaggs

You Only Live Twice is not great, at least it is better than Thunderball. This one reveals the mysterious man who has been giving all the orders to all of the henchman. The bad guy, Blofled, is trying to start a nuclear war with a space station he stole in the first few minutes of the movie. I think that is what happened, most of these are very difficult to follow. Connery takes a break after this one and you can tell why, his performance is more apathetic than others. There is not much to offer in this movie besides reveals of hidden characters identities, a few good fight scenes and a volcano erupting. So here is a look at Lewis Gilbert’s You Only Live Twice.


How Cool Is Bond?

  • In the opening scene Bond is killed, it turns out of course he faked his death and his body is dumped into the ocean. While under, he is taken by scuba divers to a submarine, unwrapped to reveal he is still alive. This refers to the title of the film and it a pretty cool moment.
  • Bond gets into some pretty cool fights. I am not sure why he is at the place he is at or what the bigger picture is, but the fights are pretty cool in this movie.

How Uncool is Bond?

  • Bond is in Asia so of course he is racist. His first line is “Why do Asian girls always taste different?” Sometimes I can handle the terribleness of Bond, but if that is the first line I hear him say, I am not going to be happy with him the whole film.
  • They build a pretty dumb looking helicopter that could not be better than just getting a regular helicopter. Of course he still does crash the other copters down.

Bond Girl

  • Kissy Suzki: It is a dumb name, very much so. I kind of enjoy it, but I cannot help seeing racism towards Asian names. So for both being kind of funny, but still offensive I rate the name Kissy Suzki: C
  • The girl however is even more offensive. She just seems to be an Asian version of the Bond girl from the first movie, No. She seems to be not much help and she is wearing the same bikini suit that Honey Rider was wearing on Dr. No’s beach. She is a boring one and creates some racist moments for all the characters.

The Villain

  • The movie opens in space with a large space capsule trapping a small space station. It is pretty cool and I do not know what they need it for, but this is great opening and makes the bad guy so much more sinister by killing the two astronauts in the opening.
  • The mysterious cat petting, order giving villain is revealed. He is Ernst Stavro Blofled who is played wonderfully by Donald Plecence. The look of him is interesting and it is nice to know who is in charge of all the chaos in the previous films. He does get away, so I assume he’ll return.
  • Like the previous villain, this guy also loves fish. He feeds people who disappointed him to his deadly fish. Why do all the bad guys love killing others with fish.


                Bond walks around a lot and then Blofled’s plan falls apart. Not sure what it had to do with one another, but it happened. Next movie is not Connery and I am pretty excited, it seems the next Bond film is a loved one so here is hoping it is better than the last two.


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