Film Franchise Fridays: FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER

By Darin Skaggs

Part 4 of the Friday the 13th series, which is labeled The Final Chapter, might be the best one. It also might be the one with the most clichés, but it really does use them well to make for the most fun and crazy in the franchise so far. This one again has no plot, but the things it throws in as plot points are so weird, odd and sometimes dumb enough to work. There is a man named Rob who claims to be hunting game, but it is clear he is hunting Jason. There is an 11 year old Corey Feldman who is over excited to see some naked women and he gets to because he is in Friday the 13th movie. The way Tommy (Feldman) saves the day is so bizarre and freaky that, again, it is just crazy enough to work. This one knows what it is even giving Jason the hero shot because the filmmaker knows who the audience is really rooting for. So here goes nothing with a look at Joseph Zito’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

The Horror Film Cliché

  • This one starts with an ambulance taking bodies, including Jason to the morgue in a hospital where we meet Axle. This guy is a sleaze ball. He is watching a female workout vidoe that seems is only made to be viewed by gross perverts like Axle.   He is killed.
  • Hey surprise! Teenagers go to an area by the lake and are slowly killed off one by one. Whoa we have never done that before. At least is the most interesting cast of characters including hot twins who you can’t tell apart from lack of character development, Crispin Glover who may be playing himself and Ted who spends half the movie watching a 1930’s porno and just laughs.
  • The mother of the two survivors dies off screen half way through the film, but right before she does get a moment where lighting strikes to ensue danger.
  • This is the point where Jason starts to teleport. First he is over there, now he is over here. He is so fast.
  • At one point did Trish take her pants off, because I did not know they were off until very late into the film.

The Not So Cliché

  • Rob Dier is one of the best characters in this film. He is clearly hunting when we see him. He says deer or something like that. His set up does look like he is all ready for a fun round of hunting. We know he is hunting Jason though, it is obvious. And that fact is fantastic. He doesn’t get far but he does provide information that saves the day.
  • The survivor this time around is not just the most innocent girl in the group, but the movie goes against what we are used to and lets brother and sister team Tommy and Trish Jarvis, who are not part of the main group, survive. Thank you for doing something different. It is hard to come up with stuff for this section sometimes.
  • By the way a dog jumps out the second floor window. I am not sure why.
  • .Oh! What! Why is Tommy shaving his head to look like Jason when he drowned? Does this kid know a weird psychology method? I guess it works as a distraction long enough to take down Jason for a bit, then of course he starts to wake back up and Tommy goes crazy with his machete. What is this? It is freaky, that’s what.

Rank the Deaths

13. Miss Jarvis is killed off screen. No body is seen. This one is a cold kill.

12. I guess that dog is dead, or not. I don’t know.

11. A hitchhiker gets a knife kill, but why is Jason killing random hitchhikers. She did nothing wrong.

10. Doug gets his head crushed in the shower. STOP! Stop it with the shower scenes. Stop it with the Psycho reference. The one you do every film.

9. Robbie the nurse starts to kiss Axle, who knows why, but she stops leaves and gets a scalpel death.

8. Rob Dier, The Jason Hunter is brutally murdered by being hacked by some spiky thing over and over. Not too fun, more sad and hard to watch.

7. Jimmy is sad because Ted says he is bad at sex. He has sex with one of the twins. Then he is pretty happy. Jason stabs his hand with a corkscrew and gets hit in the face.

6. Axle gets a surgical saw to the neck while he is watching the sleazy exercise video. Surgical saw? Is that a thing?

5. Samantha gets jealous when her boyfriend Paul starts flirting, I mean just obvious almost kissing flirting with one of the twins, so she runs off skinny dips and swims to a random floating raft. Jason does his classic “jump out of the water” gag and stabs her.

4. Sara is running around trying to escape when Jason throws an axe through a door. Not too bad Jason.

3. Paul gets a spear to the crotch. That’s what you get for being a real jerk to Samantha.

2. Terri is one of the twins. She is about to leave and then gets a spear thingy through the chest and is thrown at the wall like a dart.

1. Tina notices her sister’s bike is still outside then Jason, who is standing on the ledge by the second story window, grabs her through the glass and throws her down. How did Jason get up here? What if she just left the room and never came back? I would like to see that scene, Jason just waiting and then giving up and climbing down.


The Final Chapter knows exactly what kind of movie it is. It knows all the clichés for the series and how to use them. It may not get better than this, but that is okay. At least the next few have interesting sounding plots. Wait, the next ones? You mean this isn’t the final chapter… That is fine, there is one later labeled The Final Friday so we know they just kept making more. By the way doesn’t this one take place two days after part 2? So it is Sunday, not Friday. Yeah, it’s Sunday the 15th….huh.


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