By Darin Skaggs

We are three movies in to the Bond series and we are two for three on really good spy movies with From Russia With Love and the latest one I have viewed, Guy Hamilton’s Goldfinger. What Goldfinger accomplishes is keeping Bond cool while making him sort of human with not having the upper hand the entire film and creating a villain so wonderfully over the top that he is the best villain of the series so far. This film spends it time showing things that don’t really matter, but because they are done so well the slower scenes work. So here is a look at what is considered the best in the Bond franchise, Goldfinger.

How Cool Is Bond?

  • The music is always cool. This time a fantastic song it sung by Shirley Bassey. The lyrics are kind of dumb, but it is sung really well.
  • In the middle of this film Bond and Goldfinger play golf. They just play a round of golf. We see them play three holes, but we know they play an entire game. This could have been lame and boring, but it is fantastic. Goldfinger, who has been set up as a cheater, cheats. His henchmen Oddjob is the caddy.

How Uncool Is Bond?

  • Bond is set up to be killed while being distracted by a naked woman. He uses this naked woman as a human shield. It is very off putting. I mean I know she is on the bad side but still it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Bond does throw the attacker into the bath along with a plugged in heater which electrocutes him to death. This leads Bond to say “Shocking. Absolutely shocking” as he leaves the room. That part is pretty cool.
  • Hey Bond, what happens when you steal Goldfinger’s girlfriend? They cover her in gold which suffocates her after knocking you out. Hey, what about when you have joined forces with her sister? Oh, Oddjob is going to throw a hat at her and kill her. Hey here is an idea, just kill Bond guys.

Bond Girl/Sidekicks

  • Pussy Galore! Pussy Galore! What a ridiculous name! Stupid! Why? Why? What is the joke here? Yeah, yeah I get the joke, but why? What does this have to do with anything? I mean sure whatever Bond has lots of sex, but why name people what Bond calls girls in his mind. Is that it. This is what Bond thinks of women. Well it is not funny. It’s gross. My rating of Pussy Galore’s name: F
  • The character is fine though. Don’t really remember her. She is on the bad guy’s side. So…there.

The Villain

  • Goldfinger is an odd guy. He loves gold, if he was here in modern day 2015 he would be classified as a “Gold Nerd.” The Pawn Stars would bring him to examine a piece of gold to clarify if it is real or not and value its worth. If he did not have this master plan to rob a bank or whatever he was trying to break into he could have a good life as a normal guy with a passion for all things gold. He also will cheat at any game he plays and pay well for any accomplice. Goldfinger is the best villain so far and will be hard to beat.
  • Oddjob doesn’t say a word. He has a metal ring in his hat. He throws the hat. It is effective for him. He doesn’t throw it for a while and I kind of felt bad for him. I felt sadness for him when he didn’t get to kill a guy with his hat, just a regular old, boring gun. He also does die by his own hat. He is electrocuted while holding it. Rest In Peace Oddjob.


Goldfinger the character is so awesome, so sleazy that he really makes the film for me. Sean Connery is still great as Bond, going to miss him when he leaves. The film as a whole is great, I think I like From Russia With Love more though. The Bond girl’s name is horrible and is the main problem I thought I was going to have with this series, but that is really the only thing I did not like.


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