FILM FRANCHISE FRIDAYS: Friday The 13th Part 2

By Darin Skaggs

Well here we are at Friday The 13th Part 2, a sequel that clearly just wants to make some more cash, but still respects the first one enough to continue the story. It has more inconsistencies than the first one and really doesn’t try anything new, but somehow keeps a sense of fun ridiculousness. They still have a story too, a camp is being set up across the lake five years after the Camp Crystal Lake massacre which is odd because this film is released only one year after part 1. There is a legend being told how Jason is prowling the woods killing people in his mother’s honor. Well, he is and he goes right after this new group of counselors, I am never sure why he does, they didn’t do anything to his mom.   He does get revenge on Alice the only survivor of the first one.   Again how he got there, I don’t know. I don’t think I am supposed to analyze these too carefully, but hey it is fun for me and hopefully for you too.

The Horror Movie Clichés

  • In the first scene a scare happens when a cat jumps out of nowhere after a large build up. Always with that darn cat! I mean why are cats always hanging around killers?
  • The same set up; kids at a camp a few weeks prior to its opening, they have or almost have sex, a murderer gets them one by one. Same as last time. Except in this one the killer is some supernatural being, but this is cliché as well.
  • A girl goes skinny dipping then is upset another male counselor stole her clothes. That one is on her, but there is always some unneeded nudity thrown into these films.
  • The classic run a long time and hide for a while from the bad guy happens yet again.
  • Last film it was sort of reverse Psycho, now it’s a reverse-reverse Psycho which means they are just ripping off Psycho directly now.

The Not So Cliché

  • There is a guy in a wheelchair, Mark, who is killed and then rolls down some stairs he wasn’t even near just for the sake of rolling someone down stairs. This seems unintentionally mean and is awkward to watch.
  • Really good “Gotcha!” moment where Vicki is looking for her friends then looks into a bed where we know they were at and out pops Jason. This means Jason was just lying there waiting for someone to come up and look for her two friends and then Vicki, or whoever, would have to peek under the covers to see if it was the friends she was looking for.   Even the undead supernatural beings have more patience than most.
  • Later Jason stands on a chair while Ginny is hiding under the bed to imply that he left the room. Unfortunately this doesn’t work out quiet as well for Jason.
  • Okay, so Ted is a character who seems to be more important than most. He gives the group a fake scare pretending to be Jason. He is always playing the game boy. He seems pretty content with life. Then he goes off to the town, has a few beers with Paul and Ginny. Then heads off on his own, never seen again. Why is this guy not even part of the murders? He doesn’t even get a conclusion. Where does he get off? He gets jokes, some character and all of a sudden he is gone, safe. Why? Is this set up for the sequels? Is he going to come back later? Probably not.

Rank The Deaths

10. Paul is MIA. Does he make it? I don’t think so but he doesn’t get an on screen death so he is last.

9. A dog is found dead and before we see Terry searching for her dog so I assumed this was the same dog. Then later Muffin, Terry’s dog, comes back. Who was this other dog? Who killed him?

8. Terry sees Scott is dead and then is killed off screen.

7. Dead Scott is upside down in a trap that who knows set up and gets his throat slit. Also Scott is kind of a jerk so seeing him go is a plus.

6. Mark is hit in the face with a machete and rolls down the stairs he is nowhere near. It is pretty tasteless but at least there is more movement then the previously ranked.

5. Crazy Ralph shows back up to warn the newbies. Then he starts watching two of them make out for an uncomfortable amount of time which is followed by Jason strangling him behind a tree.

4. Jeff and Sandra just had sex. They seem to be in love. Then Jason takes a spear and stabs it through them, the mattress and the spear head hits the floor. Bummer.

3. A cop chases Jason to his hideout. Wait did Jason build this himself? I don’t know. I give up. But yes, the cop finds his crazy hideout, sees something crazy to be revealed later and gets the back end of a hammer to the head.

2. Alice shows up for the first scene and it seems Jason kills her as vengeance for chopping off her mom’s head with a machete. She gets an ice pick in the head.

1. Now Vicki gets tricked by Jason, as I previously mentioned, and gets stabbed in the leg then killed off screen. Jason pulling his “Gotcha” moment and succeeding is why this kill is number one.

*Disclaimer: Jason at this point is un-killable so whenever he is fake murdered I will not count it, but he does get his machete gabbed through his chest.


                This film is not as good as the first, but may be more interesting with the undead villain this time around. I know Jason comes back almost every time after this, but when this came out it was probably crazy to think about. Still more excited for others in the series, but glad I watched it finally.


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