Film Franchise Fridays: DR. NO

By Darin Skaggs

I have never seen a Bond (James Bond that is) movie for the twenty four-ish years I have been alive. My parents got me into Star Wars and Indiana Jones instead and I never had an interest until Skyfall got a lot of praise a few years back. So I thought it would be fun, fun for me anyway, to watch all the Bond’s before I see Spectre later in the year. So without further or due here is a look at where it all began with Terrence Young’s Dr. No

dr no 2

                                                                                    How Cool is Bond?
• First of all the music makes Bond look way cooler than he is. I do not know what to expect from these films, but Bond is supposed to be one of the coolest kids around. The music, for me, helped see why he is so cool in some people’s eyes.
• Sean Connery also helps quite a bit in the cool factor. He plays a great James Bond in this and I am looking forward to see the rest of his performances. I will eventually pick a favorite Bond like others are known to do, but Connery is a pretty solid choice so far.
• Bond is very calm throughout his dangerous adventures. At one point Bond sits and waits for a guy who comes into his room. The assailant shoots all his bullets at a decoy Bond set up in his bed. Bond then tries to get some information out of him, the other guy tries to shoot him, Bond proclaims he has already used all his bullets and then kills him.

dr no 3

                                                                          How Uncool is Bond?
• There is one point where Bond is sleeping and woken up by a tarantula that is crawling on him. Bond just lays there and seems extremely scared of the spider. Now there is a justification of being terrified of spiders, but he is Bond he should be able to figure out how to get the upper hand here. And by the way in this scene he is sweating so much and ends up killing the spider like a frightened ape. Not very graceful Bond. He does shoot at a war tank with a pistol while the tank shoots back with fire and he seems to not be sweating at all. This should be in the Cool section but after that spider how could you?
• The final scene Bond comes out pretty cool but before he rescues the Bond girl he grabs a guy whose goal is clearly to run right by him and Bond punches that guy in the face and makes him fall over a railing. Come on Bond, what a waste of time and effort towards a man who was no threat to you anyhow.
• Something that will bug me this whole time I watch these films is that Bond just has relations with women and the film forgets about them in the course of the movie or they are gone by the next film. He does that for two women in this film, one being a double agent that is on Bond’s side and the other one is the main Bond girl which will be examined in the next section.

dr no

                                                                                    Bond Girls/Sidekicks
• Honey Ryder: The first name Honey is silly, immediately makes her Bond’s “honey” (guess I’ll have to get used to some extreme sexism) and the last name of Ryder is a slightly more subtle, innuendo then other names I have heard, but just stupid enough to work. My rating for Honey Ryder’s name: B-
• Now to talk about the character. Her introduction happens when Bond is on the island Dr. No is located. She kind of comes out of nowhere and is revealed to be searching for shells on the beach in her bikini. She then joins James Bond in his quest to stop Dr. No. She really comes out of nowhere, I am wondering if that is always the case.
• Quarrel is Bond’s sidekick in this film who honestly doesn’t do much except be very scared of everything that is going on. I cannot help but be offended due the fact the character is portrayed by an African American actor, but I am probably overreacting. By the way he is killed by the flame throwing tank that Bond was shooting previously.

dr no

                                                                                          The Villain
• His first line is “One million dollars” which of course is made famous by Austin Powers, but it should be said that Dr. No is telling Bond the price of his giant fish in his giant aquarium when Bond never even asked.
• He is barely in this film, Bond and Honey have dinner with him as he tells Bond about his master plan, which frankly was quite confusing.

• Overall I enjoyed myself. Not a big fan of the sexism and maybe racism that was in it, but hey, it was the time I can forgive it a bit. Not too much. Bond is pretty cool, but not as cool as people claim he is. I am curious to find out what is to come.


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