By Darin Skaggs

One of the biggest filmmakers of the now is Christopher Nolan who has made the mostly good Batman trilogy, the wonderful The Prestige and the incredibly disappointing Inception. He is a real hit and miss director who can show visual marvels while most of the time tells stories with major flaws that can make or break his film. Luckily with his latest film Interstellar he makes a wonderful, ambitious, dazzling piece of art.

Interstellar opens with interviews with survivors who lived during a time where the Earth stopped giving us food. A farmer named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) wants the best for his kids, so when NASA has picked him to fly into a black hole with a team to try and find a better planet for humans to live, he struggles with whether to leave and be in space for God knows how long or stay with his kids and watch Earth fall apart. Eventually he goes up into space for one of the most beautiful, haunting and insane space missions every put to film.

Interstellar is a technical marvel. Hans Zimmer’s score hits you over the head in the best way possible. The special effects are amazing to look at. The sound editing and mixing are used perfectly. All of these elements make you feel like you are in this odd universe. There are scenes with waves that are breathtaking. No matter all the bumps in the story you can’t help but be transported into these worlds. And the cherry on top is the wonderful performances from Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, John Lithgow and especially McConaughey. He takes the script written by the two Nolan brothers, Christopher and Johnathon and makes this the most emotional Nolan film.

The story is about sacrifice. Cooper has to make the decision to leave his children to save them. It is not easy for him, McConaughey sells it so well. Hiring an actor who is on top of his game and writing what seems to be a personal story, this film is one of the only times in Nolan’s emotionless filmography where there are moments that the audience could tear up. The ending, which goes to all types of crazy, also becomes incredibly emotional. Love is a big part of the film which is something Nolan hasn’t explored to its fullest and luckily it works so well.

Now this is a story all about traveling into a black hole that goes into a completely different universe. They are on planets that when on them seven Earth years pass every hour. Most of the logic in here doesn’t make sense, but because it is in a whole different world it doesn’t seem to matter. Some aspects of the story do not work, the Earth storyline is not fully realized and characters just seem to be there like most of ones in Inception, like Cooper’s son. Most of Nolan’s films do stuff like this and if he filled in these holes his films would be near masterpieces and not just fun popcorn flicks. This one comes closest to being a masterpiece, but due to problems in the script sadly it is not. It is clear Nolan knows how to make a fun film that could make you cheer.


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