By Darin Skaggs
    Marvel has made quiet a name for itself. Phase one of the series included Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor and concluded with The Avengers. Phase two has had films including Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3 and now Captain America: The Winter Solider. With the series having about an even amount of ups and downs, the new film is fortunately a great add on to the whole Marvel series.
   In this film Steve Rogers AKA Captain America is thrown into a mission to save the world from sure destruction. With the help of Black Widow, Nick Fury and other heroes they fight off an old enemy and The Winter Solider. This film both stands alone as its own and as a great addition to the Marvel canon.
   The film does what many of these kinds of films do. It has great action. The film opens with Captain America along with his team as they raid a boat full of spies. The camera follows the Captain flawlessly, you can tell what is going on. You feel triumph as the team gets the advantage on the spies. Every action scene fills you with excitement and tenseness of the moments. And Captain does not get all the glory, other characters like Black Widow and even nameless agents get some moments.
   This story of Captain America follows Rogers, who has waken up in the modern day after being frozen for over fifty years. This allows Rogers for the first half of the film to be just wondering about his life. He visits a museum where a section is celebrating him and even finds an old flame. There is a “What now?” vibe to a lot of scenes. The second half of the film explores his past catching up with him because he was focused to much on his past and not living his life in the now.
   This film does great at being a fun action film but as a Marvel film it builds the world. There are several twist that happen in the film that are so story altering that it sets up intense anticipation for the next few films. It adds a few characters into the story that will be a pleasant surprise to folks not familiar with the comics and an excitement for the reveal of names for the people who are familiar.
   Captain America: The Winter Solider is a great film. It is clear by the performances that the cast is having fun. Robert Redford really seems to be enjoying himself. The action is just as fun as the performances. The twists are actually surprising and it means something to the story of The Avengers.

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